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Orange Fronted Kakariki
The trust is currently seeking funding for a kakariki breeding and rearing enclosure. The enclosure will consist of 10 cages which will be able to hold a number of breeding adults and young. With the trust chairperson currently undertaking a project to bring in Red Crowned kakariki from the wild to start off a new wild orgin captive population which will be used to supply progeny to predator free restoration projects all around the North Island. This project has already taken over two years to complete the necessary paper work, it is hoped that the birds will be brought in from some prestine off shore islands sometime during 2009. This facility may also be used in the future to breed the Critically Endangered Orange fronted Parakeet and rare Antipodes Island Parakeet. more>>>

Wildnz Trust aim is of helping to save New Zealand's unique wildlife which is currently under threat.

Below are some of our latest achievements:

  New Tuatara & Reptile Breeding enclosures have been funded many thanks to Pub Charity
Starters & Strategies  
  32,000 school teachers now have the first two lessons of a series of Brown Teal education activities thanks to Pub Charity

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Sponsors wanted - See how your company could help save some of New Zealand's most endangered species!

Brown Teal Education Kit published

Teal Appeal

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